Specialized Shipments of high range furniture

Attention, accuracy and punctuality are always our goals

We take care of each individual customer, satisfying  their needs in a flexible manner. This is one of our basic values. We are strongly customer-oriented and constantly available to listen to and fulfill all requirements of our clients in terms of logistics.

  • Import & export across Europe and all over the world

    Thanks to the extensive network of partners and correspondents both in Europe and all over the world we can offer optimal transportation services. The distribution network with direct operative offices and exclusive correspondents ensures a widespread distribution through the use of hubs or "door to door" services according to the destination country.

  • Assistance and safety

    Our support BEFORE, DURING and AFTER transportation thanks to the professionalism and the extreme flexibility of our transport managers.
    • Collaboration with customers in the planning of shipments and personalized report.
    • Security in loading and storage with implementation and real-time control of each transport through a totally computerized organization.
    • Cargo insurance "all risks" on demand.

  • Services and Consulting Customs

    About custom matters we offer any kind of assistance and information for import & export, ensuring to the customer a complete service for the formalities required.
    For many years, thanks to our internal facilitated procedure, we have made the accomplishment of the various practices in precise times reducing expectations to a minimum.

  • Special services

    Deliveries to the floors and mountings with properly trained staff.

  • Respect for the environment

    We pay attention to the environmental protection issues. Our fleet is of the latest generation, it adapts and respects the current regulations regarding pollution.

  • Express deliveries

    We can organize dedicated transports across Europe, with a proven and reliable network.


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